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Anxiety has a way of ruining things.....

It's true, anxiety can be that ugly monster that steps in and ruins a perfectly good occasion or situation, but you know what it doesn't have to.

Anxiety thinks that it is doing us a favour when it interferes. It says "I'm just here to protect you"....well, I say "Thank you for caring but, I got this !"

Everyone has anxious moments in their lives, and most of these moments are few and far between but then there are times when these moments seem to go on and on. Frustrating, right ? I know.....

I have learned how to manage my anxiety. I have been told that the first step in dealing with your anxiety is to name it. My anxiety is named "Eugene".

It just seems easier to deal with your anxiety when you can address it directly. So when things get out of hand you can take a moment and sit down quietly with your anxiety and "talk it out". For me that would sound something like...."Yes, Eugene I hear you. What would you like to say ?" Let anxiety say its piece, and then my response would be something like, "Okay, I appreciate your concern, but I got this !".

Once your anxiety knows that it has been heard it frequently will fade into the back ground and you can carry on with what you had planned to do in the first place.

I can honestly say that "Eugene" can make his presence felt at anytime during the day or night, and I'm okay with that...because I know that "Eugene" is just looking out for my best interest. When "he" has something to tell me...I listen to "him" and let him say his piece and then if his concerns are not warranted we agree to disagree....and I carry on.

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