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Why should we share how we feel ?

I was recently reading an article about why some people share their feelings and other people don't. A line in this article struck me as very profound and I wanted to share it with you. The statement was made by Carl Jung, the father of Analytical Psychology, he put it like this, "We are all in some way or other kept asunder by our secrets", meaning that by keeping secrets, especially painful ones, we separate ourselves from others and create problems for ourselves.

I have never thought about it in those terms before, but it is so true. It's like we are doing ourselves a great disservice by keeping our inner most thoughts and secrets to ourselves. Granted, you don't want to tell your inner most thoughts and secrets to everyone you meet, but most people, myself included, have at least 1 person that we can trust enough to tell that person anything. I totally understand how difficult it is to tell even that 1 select person your inner most thoughts and secrets, but in doing so we can get a different perspective on these thoughts and in saying them out loud it could possibly even lessen the "sting" that often accompanies them.

The more I think about this concept the more sense it makes to me. If we keep all these secrets and thoughts to ourselves how are we ever going to get past them and move on to the life that we could have. It is such a liberating experience to finally "unburden" yourself of your secrets. It gives us the opportunity to talk openly to that one trusted person who we know will not judge us and even if they can't offer any advice or suggestions it's nice to have someone who will just listen....not judge....not criticize......just LISTEN.

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