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Will my anxiety ever go away ??

I have some great news for you.....YES, it will go away ! Once you understand why you feel like you do, you can start to discover a lot of the misconceptions you hold about anxiety. There are so many myths about anxiety that it worries me just how many people are misinformed and genuinely believe they will NEVER get better and that they will just have to live with this condition forever. Too many people spend years like I did searching for that elusive miracle cure that just DOES NOT EXIST.

Your mind and body have been through so much in the time that you have had this condition, and both may feel emotionally spent and exhausted. None of this has done you any long term harm. Just see your mind and body are running at 50% at the moment. Letting your mind and body recover at its own pace is the key. An overnight cure is impossible after what you've been through, what's needed is a process of healing through patience and understanding.

UNDERSTANDING ANXIETY also takes away so much fear out of how we feel. Every stage and symptom has a logical explanation which begins to help us realize that we have been the sole creator of our suffering. With less fear and more understanding, we also lessen the constant worry and deep thinking of our condition, and so we begin to break the cycle.

Once we start to understand the anxiety and apply the understanding we have learned to begin the process of recovery, then the change can be dramatic. In my recovery, I found that the more knowledge I had, the more I understood my condition, and the easier it was to allow how I felt to come to the surface and that my mind and body had the freedom to recover while I got on with living my life again.

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